Villa Folías

It is located on a small hill in the Telesina Valley, almost in the centre between Taburno and Matese mountains.
It is a villa that (thanks to recent renovation) proudly preserves its historic aspects and offers at the same time all the comforts and modern hospitality.
The mild climate of the hill together with total privacy and unforgettable breathtaking sunsets, is only a part of what you can find at Folías.

The swimming pool

It is set in a large solarium.
The water is purified with a salt system (without chlorine).
The whole area, shaded by a gazebo structure, is equipped with: chairs, tables and bar area to allow guests to fully appreciate outdoor life during summer.

The garden

The villa is surrounded by 10.000 mq of green space to assure you a peaceful stay and complete privacy.
Inside the property, a large parking area will keep your car safe.

The patio

Both the hall and the dining room are communicating with a large covered patio, facing the garden.
The patio is furnished with comfortable sofas and armchairs, the ideal place to enjoy the surrounding nature and have your breakfast.